Top 5 Jewelry Trends By @HypnoticPoison4

Top 5 Jewelry Trends By @HypnoticPoison4

Hey TNT readers! Summer is almost over but that doesn’t mean that style has to end just because school is just around the corner. You can still add style to your wardrobe with a little jewelry. Adding jewelry to an outfit will make you feel complete. It can be anything, from a statement necklace with bracelets to studs with a minimal necklace, or statement earrings with a ring. I always make it a point to wear at least one piece of jewelry everyday; if I don’t wear any, I feel almost naked. I will usually wear a ring everyday, or sometimes I just wear studs. Here are some of my top 5 favorite trends that I have been noticing lately:


  1. Cocktail Ring – Just add a little extra to your outfit without too much statement. Comes in silver and gold, it is lead and nickel free.
  2. Cut-out Cuff Bracelet – Great design; doesn’t have a lot of bling but simple enough to give you a fashionable piece to your outfit.
  3. Statement Drop Earrings – Gorgeous earrings to dress it up with a sexy outfit while out on the town or elevate a simple maxi with these.
  4. Collar Necklace – This necklace is great to add to a crew-neck top for a casual look or a chiffon blouse for something more work appropriate.
  5. Lace Bib Necklace – Perfect to fill the “hole” on the upper part of your outfit for those low necklines. Also great to wear with a buttoned up collared shirt for a classy look.

Tell me what you think about these trends? Remember it just takes one or two statement pieces of jewelry to make your outfit complete.

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