Makeup Review: Laura Geller Beauty by @missal_leigh

Makeup Review: Laura Geller Beauty by @missal_leigh

Hello Beauties!
On my quest to try as many makeup brands as possible and find the best products out there, I recently picked up a make up kit from Laura Geller Beauty called “Sparkling Rosé”. Below is my review of all of the products I used and a picture of my final look! Hope you like it!

This kit doesn’t come with all the products I feel I need to create a full look such as foundation, powder, eyebrow pencil, & eyeliner, so I started off with the same “Face Routine” that I used in my New Year’s Eve Make Up Look and used a Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner in Black.
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1. Laura Geller “Spackle Under Make-Up Primer” in Champagne
I’m on the fence about this product. It worked really well, applied smoothly, and created an even base for my foundation. However, this has shimmer in it that is quite visible once applied and stayed behind on my hands. I felt like I was in junior high again, applying body glitter before a school dance. I’m not really sure what the purpose of the glitter is. At first I was thinking it was supposed to leave a dewy look to your skin, but my foundation quickly covered the glitter. However, I use a pretty heavy hand when I apply foundation, so if you use less foundation or only use a tinted moisturizer, perhaps you’d still see the shimmer…not sure if that’s good or bad. Despite the glitter, it served its purpose as a primer quite well. I might look into other more neutral colors without shimmer if I were to buy this product again.
2. Laura Geller “Waterproof Eye Spackle Hues Advanced Primer & Eyeshadow” in Champagne
This product is great because you can use it as a primer under an eyeshadow, or leave it on its own for a wash of color. Champagne is a white-gold shade perfect for brightening eyes up. This product goes on as a cream via a pen applicator (click the bottom to push the product through the brush) but it dries to a velvet feeling powder. It dries pretty quickly so if you’re hoping to blend it out – work fast! Once this stuff dries, it is set! I chose to use this Spackle Hue as an eyeshadow so I could see its staying power with no interference from other eyeshadow products. I was impressed, it didn’t crease, and stayed noticeably bright throughout a night out with friends.
3. Laura Geller “Baked Monochromatic Blush” in Maui
This blush is really pretty! It’s a soft shimmery pink with hints of gold that serve as a built-in highlighter. This blush applies very generously, a small tap of your brush is all you need. The staying power is also very strong, very minimal fading throughout the night. The best part about these blushes is that they start out as liquid pigment that is then hand baked by Italian artisans. This process ensures that no two blushes are ever truly exactly the same, so you have a totally unique product!
4. Laura Geller Beauty ‘GlamLASH’ Dramatic Volumizing Mascara
The mascara from this brand made me really nervous at first because the brush is really teeny tiny. I’m used to fatter brushes that produce lush thick looking lashes on the first swipe. This mascara took three coats of product to create the lash look I like, but I was pleased with the end results. The thin brush was able to get to the corners of my eyes really well so it got each and every eye lash. My lashes didn’t get clumpy or hard once the mascara dried, which was a plus. They looked really well defined and a bit longer, but not very thick or full.
5. Laura Geller “Italian Marble Lipstick” in Berry Vanilla
I’m not crazy about this lipstick color, but the product itself is awesome! It has a nice creamy texture that has great staying power with no offensive smell or taste. I’m definitely interested to see what other colors Laura Geller offers. Berry Vanilla was a perfect “swipe and go” type color, a soft baby pink that blended in with my natural lip color. I almost felt like this was a tinted lip balm, rather than a lipstick. Great product, but not a color I would’ve picked out if it hadn’t come in the kit.


Here’s the final look! It’s very natural looking. I feel like you can hardly tell I’m wearing make up, which can be a good thing depending on what you’re going for. I usually prefer a little more dramatic look, but this was perfect for a late night dinner with friends. It’s clean and polished without putting out too much effort and using too many products. It didn’t take much time at all to create, and it would’ve taken even less time if I hadn’t done my “Face Routine” or applied eyeliner, so just the products in this kit on their own are perfect for a busy gal, beginning make up users, and people who don’t like to wear or look like they’re wearing a lot of makeup.

What do you guys think? After reading this post are you considering purchasing the Laura Geller Sparkling Rosé kit or any of the products I mentioned? Do you like the look that I was able to create from it? What other kits or brands should I try next?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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