Leur Lab is Changing the Way You Look at Aesthetics! by @tnt_tauna

Leur Lab is Changing the Way You Look at Aesthetics! by @tnt_tauna

 TNT Tauna Visits Leur Lab in Newport Beach


Ever purchased one of those Groupon or LivingSocial deals for MedSpa treatments and been disappointed with the results? Well that was my experience with a MedSpa until Leur Lab came into my life and forever changed the way I look at aesthetics. A few years ago I jumped on the opportunity to get a deal on expensive laser hair removal treatments, but the results were disappointing to say the least. Not only did the treatment hurt really bad, but all of the hair grew back! As soon as I walked into Leur Lab, I could tell they were different. I was entranced with the beauty of their comfy office space and greeted by their wonderful staff. I was hesitant to begin another painful hair removal treatment until I heard about how Leur Lab is on the cutting edge of technology and has the latest equipment that promises not to hurt. When I tried it on my underarms I was surprised that there was no pain, just a warming sensation. Even afterwards I could not tell that I had anything done, no redness or lingering burning sensation. A few weeks later I noticed that there was less hair growing back even after only one treatment! After that I was convinced!



I decided to come back and get a facial treatment called Spectra Laser Toning which is a two part procedure where they apply a photo-enhancing carbon lotion all over your face then go over it with laser energy to reduce visible pigmentation, rosacea, improve texture, even out your skin tone, and reduce pore size. The laser reacts with the photo-enhancer to blast out dirt, oil, melasma, and pigmentation, making a popping noise that gently tickles the face. Afterwards I could instantly see that my pore sizes were smaller and in the days following I could see some of my sun spots fading. For me, uneven skin tone runs in the family and sun exposure only makes it worse. This treatment helped to even out my skin tone and even reduced some old acne scarring.

Leur Lab is Changing the Way You Look at Aesthetics

While the term Aesthetics is defined as the branch of philosophy that deals with the principals of beauty and artistic taste, I am more accurately referring to Medical Aesthetics which is technologically advanced non-evasive, non-surgical skin treatments. More people are looking to medical aesthetics for quicker results with little to no downtime and without the hefty price tag of plastic surgery. Don’t get me wrong, aesthetics is not the same as plastic surgery, rather it’s an alternative to plastic surgery. It’s still you, just a REJUVENATED you. Leur Lab is teaching people to be more proactive about their skin care by doing small things to prevent the signs of aging in the future rather than taking a reactive approach to their existing issues. They even have a patent pending membership program called L-Fix that provides members with monthly access to some of the best proven lasers on the market! Leur Lab’s holistic approach to patient treatment assesses the whole body to come up with a plan that is tailor-made specifically just for you and with the membership, preventative maintenance can be like going to the gym except a whole lot more relaxing.

In speaking with the Senior Managing Director, Cassondra Todd, I discovered that aesthetics is not only for women, men are also looking to aesthetics as well.

“Men, just like women, are becoming more aware of aesthetics and want to look natural. They are looking to stay competitive and remain current in the workplace. Just like they get dressed in the morning, men want to look their best and be confident in their own skin. Also, men typically play sports or were outdoors a lot in their younger years so when they get to their 30’s & 40’s they are seeing a lot of sun damage or maybe acne scarring. They dont want a face lift or plastic surgery. They are just looking to take care of little concerns that will make them look like a better version of themselves.” – Cassondra Todd, Senior Managing Director

Some of the most common things men are turning to Leur Lab for are pigmentation, acne scarring, body contouring, hair removal, fixing skin texture, tightening, and stretch mark removal. You might be saying “women are interested in all those things too!” and you’re right, so why not grab your man and bring him in for a consultation together?! Now that men are more interested in taking care of their skin, Leur Lab is seeing more couples start to come in together and purchase the membership. Cassondra says, “It’s become like their little outing that they do together, it’s fun to see.”

It’s no wonder that Leur Lab is doing so well with their gorgeous office, state of the art technology, and holistic approach to patient treatment. Not to mention, they are conveniently located across the street from Fashion Island in Newport Beach so you can literally have it all! Shop til you drop then stop by Leur Lab for a relaxing facial! Take a look at some of the photos I took of their inviting and rejuvenating office space.

IMG_0907I had a wonderful experience at my visits to Leur Lab and I hope you do too! Special thanks to Cassondra and her lovely staff for having me! Be sure to check out their website for more information on their services and tell them that TNT Tauna sent you!


359 San Miguel Drive Suite 300, Newport Beach, CA 92660


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