Introducing Production Stylist Dewayne Carson

Introducing Production Stylist Dewayne Carson

Hi there I’m Dewayne, husband to TNT Tauna, here to add to the TNT team by sharing our adventures in production styling. For photoshoots and film, I handle props, sets and food styling for commercial, lifestyle, and editorial projects. In the past, I’ve done the catering for some of the photoshoots Tauna produces for Dynamite Editorials. In the coming months, I will begin attending Orange Coast College for their reputable culinary program and I can’t wait to learn more about food styling while I’m there. For nearly the last year, I have been working behind the scenes with Tauna full time on a variety of production projects including the sets we styled for Easter and now we are working together to produce photoshoots for Dynamite Editorials.

Set Styling - Easter

I’m embarking on this new journey as blogger in hopes to have my own blog one day that will be focused on amazing recipes, healthy foods and food styling. In the meantime, TNT readers can expect me to write about men’s fashion, food styling and DIY’s that we create for production sets. I’m excited to attend culinary school and share my food with you, especially since Tauna and I got a new camera. Tauna is taking a photography class this Summer and we will be learning more about it so we can take great photos for the blog. When I finish culinary school, I will begin to offer my catering services as part of our production services through our company Dynamite Productions. Eventually, I would like to own a food truck or small restaurant.

Food Styling - Restaurants

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I'm a Production Stylist, Blogger and Culinary Student writing about men's fashion, food trends and DIY's.

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  1. Judy Martinez  /  May 30, 2015, 8:32 PM Reply

    Good Luck Tauna and Dewayne. Share some of your cooking tips soon!

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