Introducing Model and New Blogger: @Kimbo_Jenks

Introducing Model and New Blogger: @Kimbo_Jenks

Hi TNT Readers, I’m Kimmy Jenkins and I’m excited to join the TNT blog team! I’m a model currently studying for my AA degree in Communications and now I’m joining the team to immerse myself into the world of fashion. I have fallen more in love with modeling and the fashion world because of my recent experiences walking in Orange County Fashion Week, Style Fashion Week, and Viet Fashion Week. I plan on sharing my experiences right here on the blog about walking the runway, networking with others, following the fashion trends, learning the in’s and outs of the industry, and being an example to other young girls.

Fashion for me began the first time I stepped into LA when I was twelve years old. A friend and my mom took me to LA on Spring Break in middle school to hit up some modeling agencies. At the time, I had friends, family, and even teachers encouraging me to model and audition for America’s Next Top Model. I thought, “Why not?! I’ll give modeling a try.” Immediately, I landed my first modeling agency. From there, I went to LA as much as possible to do photoshoots, go to castings, and attend modeling jobs. However, between modeling and homework, I was also playing a variety of sports throughout middle school which became even more of a time commitment in high school so modeling took a backseat but once I was out of high school modeling came back into my life. After I graduated, I went to Australia for a couple of months to explore my modeling opportunities, but I realized the harsh realities of traveling for the first time as a young girl. After my holiday, I came home and refocused my attention back on school and started college. Moving a few years forward, I’m now a few months from having my AA degree and I’ve walked my way back into modeling.

My dream of modeling has now fully developed and has become a passion for print and runway. I plan on continuing to walk down the runway with big hopes of making great connections that will lead me to traveling to other markets like New York, London, Paris, and maybe even back to Sydney, Australia. Eventually, after I’ve walked enough runways in those markets I want to pursue commercial, fitness, and beauty print work. Over the past several months, I have built my modeling portfolio back up and have loved participating in the runway shows that I will share with you soon. So, Subscribe on the right to the TNT blog and Follow Me on the following social networks:

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Kimmy Jenkins

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Hey I'm Kimmy, I'm currently a communications student, a freelance model, and writer/blogger. I aspire to become a production coordinator for fashion and fitness events. I love learning and writing about runway shows, high fashion, beauty, and fitness.

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