Innovative Food Styling by @tnt_tauna & Dewayne Carson for @PencilboxStudio

Innovative Food Styling by @tnt_tauna & Dewayne Carson for @PencilboxStudio

With the creative team at Pencilbox Studios, Dewayne and I styled a food project based on two elements, a fruit salad and the universe. Dewayne constructed a globe stand for the fruit salad we made inside a watermelon to represent the Earth. We hung a backdrop that I painted a midnight blue and dangled star cut fruit in front of it with a cantaloupe to represent the Sun. It’s called Fruit Universe, check it out…

Fruit Universe SM

We look forward to styling more innovative food visuals with Pencilbox Studios for restaurants, manufacturers, and other businesses in the foodservice industry.

Need innovative food styling to increase sales? Email us about your project today!

What do you think of our Fruit Universe? Tell me in the comments below!

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