Event Recap: OCFW Presents @BeachCandyswim, @LoveSaltShoes, @Millennium, @Dainese, @StevieBoi, @Latrodectus @NewportLexusCA By: @Kimbo_Jenks

Event Recap: OCFW Presents @BeachCandyswim, @LoveSaltShoes, @Millennium, @Dainese, @StevieBoi, @Latrodectus @NewportLexusCA By: @Kimbo_Jenks

RUNWAY THROWBACK!!  I’m so excited to share with you my wonderful experience walking in Orange County Fashion Week back in February 2015 at Newport Lexus. As you might know, OCFW is picking up attention all over the world and is making it’s mark on the fashion map. In this post I will be sharing my experience modeling for OCFW. I had the honor to walk every day of the week for a total of six designers! It was a pleasure working with such great talent and a wonderful team who managed the whole event.

Day One was exciting because it was the start of OCFW and we all wanted to make a good impression. All of us girls were getting ready in a back room of the Newport Lexus dealership and were eagerly waiting to present the designers’ collections. I was grateful to walk for Salt Shoes and Beach Candy. I was in a lacy black and gold classy dress which went perfect with the black and gold fabric wedge heel that tied around my pretty little feet. These shoes are so great because most importantly they are comfortable and you can pretty much put them with anything; dress it up for a night out, or dress down for day of errands.

Designer Liliana Burgi of Salt Shoes says, “I love it when a woman can walk in heels with confidence. The more confident she is, the more successful she will be.”

The second day I walked for Miki Enderle in her Millennium collection, which I loved because I’m super active and I love sweaters and sweat pants. But, this line keeps this sporty girl looking cute and feeling fine instead of looking like a hot sweaty mess. It’s perfect when you want to just wear something comfortable after a work out, or just chill with some friends.

The third day was hot! I mean hot in a sexy kind of way because we looked good in our Dainese Motorsports gear. Which was a dream to be wearing because I have always been interested in dirt bikes and street bikes, but I’m way to scared to ride one. Hence, I got to pretend for the day that I was a cool rider chick in my gear. Plus, I got to wear it all; pants, jacket, and boots!! I looked like a dangerously hot road warrior!

On the fourth day things just kept getting more exciting as I got to walk for Stevie Boi for his CR3AM collection!! I was stoked wearing his chic, future-forward wear and stunner shades. Which is a big deal because he designs for Katy Perry and Lady Gaga! Oh Hot dammmn! In the back room we couldn’t get enough selfies with his shades; there were just too many cool sunglasses to wear. Walking down the glass runway I got the audience’s attention when I stopped to pose for the camera with my sultry look as I slowly slid the glasses down my face and then bit the end of the ear piece. The crowd couldn’t get enough and I felt so amazing from their praise.

The last day ended on another hot strut. People will for sure remember the Haute Couture designer, Kaila’ Methven and her Latrodectus lingerie line at Dawson Cole Fine Art. It sure was a fine collection too! Her delicate bridal costume lingerie designs where a mix of corsets, jackets, tutu tube skirts, bras, and itty bitty G-strings. These medieval Victorian designs took one back in time. I was dressed as a bride-to-be, but that white, vintage lace covering my body lied of it’s innocence as there seemed to be something much more powerful and seductive about it all.

Designer Kaila Methven of Latrodectus says, “Trends are important, but I lean more towards what accentuates the woman’s body.”

From this experience, I really bonded with other models and the friendships I made have continued to this day. I’ve learned more about myself, grew an appreciation and passion for runway, and I had a blast!

What do you think of all the outfits and designs I wore? Please let me know in the comments below! Please Share!



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  1. Will Utley  /  July 24, 2015, 3:14 PM Reply

    I love it!!! You completely covered it ALLL!!!
    THANK YOU for the mention as Photographer I appreciate that.
    @wutlife IG
    Will Utley Photography 🙂

  2. Tabitha  /  September 29, 2015, 9:33 PM Reply

    Kimmy! What a wonderful recap of the OCFW last season! It was so great to model alongside with you and it was a blast. Looking forward to working with you again in the future and can’t wait to see more of your work!

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