Event Recap: @LouisVuitton Series 2 Exhibit by @luismacias92

Event Recap: @LouisVuitton Series 2 Exhibit by @luismacias92

On February 13th, my friend Miguel and I went to Los Angeles to take a look at the Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibit. Being a huge fan of museums and art exhibits, there was no way I was going to miss a fashion exhibit. Especially one from a prestigious fashion house. Once we arrived I noticed that Louis Vuitton had renovated the old Calumet building. What was once an old photography store, is now painted black decorated with banners and lit up with LV neon lights. I entered into a very dark room and was greeted at the door by a lady in a LV uniform. There stood a huge three dimensional LV neon sign that I couldn’t resist but to take pictures with.

The following room had a recreation of a runway. Large floor-to-ceiling screens covered the walls replaying a video of models speaking in unison as they did in their Spring/Summer 2015 fashion show. The faces would talk about the fashion house and then it would switch out their faces for the different phases of the moon.

In the following room stood a large trunk box held in mid air. I was captivated by the different hologram images that would appear in and around it. Songs like Copy Cat by Skream ft. Kelis and Haunted by Beyonce would play along side the holograms. This was my favorite room.

Into the next room where three different projections of the true LV craftsman and woman who handmade all the luxury goods for the house. These videos showed in detail how everything is cut, nailed, painted, and sewn together by hand. There were only two benches available to sit and watch these videos but since they were both filled up we decided to walk into the next room after watching these videos for only a few seconds. There wasn’t much of a crowd but the few people that were there were mainly fabulous women who brought their Louis Vuitton bags and heels. I was blinded walking into the next room, called the Accessories Gallery, because it was a glaring all white room with white mannequins holding LV Bags, jewelry, and shoes from their S/S 15′ collection. There where also old vintage LV Luggage trunks from the 1900’s.

In the next area there were couches and different chairs for people to sit on and across from there was a room which reminded me of  how my old room used to look like when I was in middle school. This room was full of magazine images covering every inch of the walls and ceiling. A LV hostess handed me a poster from the exhibit and allotted me to take two stickers from their sticker wall. I took a match and lipstick sticker. In the middle of this large room stood a mirrored structure. Once I entered it reminded me of a fun house with so many mirrors you wouldn’t know where to walk. Except these mirrors where very flattering and some projected models walking down the runway from their S/S 15′ collection. Finally exiting this room, I walked into the last room where a recreation of the backstage of a fashion show would be like. I was a little disappointed in this room because I expected a real life recreation of backstage with chairs, tables, and mirrors where the models would be getting into hair and make up followed by the racks of clothes. When in reality it was just a room with a rack of clothes from their S/S 15′ collection and a large poster covering the walls with images of what goes on backstage. After leaving the exhibit my friend Miguel took a few pictures of me outside of the building and then we walked across the street to check out the James Perse store then to wonder off around LA.

Unfortunately this exhibit ended February 22nd. I hope the Louis Vuitton house returns to LA soon to exhibit another collection, or any fashion house for that matter! Make sure to keep up with me on StyledByLuis.com and on here with TNT Tauna for up coming LA Fashion Week blog posts and reviews. Until next time my friends!

XO- Luis Macias.

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