Dynamite Editorials in the Media Vol. 6: Cozy in Winter Ft. @JennieLiuNet Cashmere by @tnt_tauna

Dynamite Editorials in the Media Vol. 6: Cozy in Winter Ft. @JennieLiuNet Cashmere by @tnt_tauna

Thanks for reading my column series Dynamite Editorials in the Media. This is my last volume for now, I’m taking some time to produce more photoshoots this Summer so be on the look out for more from Dynamite Editorials in the coming months. Last Fall, cashmere design label Jennie Liu, hosted Dynamite Editorials for a Cozy in Winter themed photoshoot featuring their fine cashmere sweaters and scarves. Our styling team completed a minimum of four looks on each model using leggings from Ashley Ann Bennett, skirts from Katitzi Clothing, hats from Corina Haywood, clutches from Liz’s Whimsies, as well as jewelry from ModFresh and Kalypso Creations. Four photographers created editorial spreads with the help of our stylists and my team submitted them to magazines in an effort to get emerging artists published. In this post, I’ll show you where our editorial spreads were published as well as exclusive editorial images.

Returning from the photoshoot we did at Mint Salon, Miary Andria wanted to refine this editorial skills and get another shot at being published. His hard work paid off when SlenderBread magazine ran his editorial online featuring Kelsie Mathews who I styled with the help of blogger, Marelle Johansen. Take a look:


Published online by SlenderBread

Check out some of Miary’s unpublished images of Kelsie:

Another returning photographer, Jim Lee, was published in Avant Garde Magazine for his editorial featuring comedian, Delanie Fischer. I spent the day styling Delanie and she was a crack up to work with. In this vibrant four page spread, the magazine used nearly all of the editorial images Jim submitted. Take a look:

Check out these exclusive editorial images Jim captured of Delanie:

Photographer, Katrina Brown, continues to blow everyone away with her captivating editorial images. This time she paired up with model and blogger, Kimmy Jenkins. The two of them blasted through seven looks that I styled with the help of blogger, Skylar Mushisky. There were so many photos that we split them up into two separate editorials, one of which was picked up by Niji Magazine. Take a look:

Published in Niji Magazine

Published Online by Niji Magazine

Katrina had so many amazing unpublished images that it was hard for me to choose which ones to show you. This is still only about half of the total images, check them out:

So many amazing images were created from this small photoshoot and three out of four photographers were published! Our success is due in part to our DIY bloggers Lindsie & Ruth, who made the backdrop decorations you see in our photos.

What do you think of the editorial spreads we created that day? Tell me in the comments below!

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