DIY: Starry Night Backdrop by @Miss_Lindo

DIY: Starry Night Backdrop by @Miss_Lindo

Dynamite Editorials put on a Cozy in Winter themed photoshoot hosted by Jennie Liu and I was tasked with creating different backdrops for our photographers to shoot from. One was a Starry Night backdrop and today I’m going to show you what you’ll need to create one for yourself.


Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 2+ Hours


1.5-Inch Star Punch

White Sewing Thread & needle

12X12 Card Stock


Any color card stock will work for this DIY depending on your theme. We wanted a starry night for the Dynamite Editorials photoshoot so I went with Silver, Gold, White and Black. First thing you’ll need to do is to use your star punch to punch out as many stars as you think you’ll need. I was able to get all the stars we needed with only 2 sheets of each color. Now keep in mind I was making sure to place each punch as close as possible to each other to get the most out of my cardstock.

After you have punched out all your stars, you need to now string them together. I measured out the width we would need for the photoshoot and added about another 12 inches to each side of the thread to have room to attach it to our backdrop. Thread your needle and start with the needle on the back side of your star, push through and pull a little and thread back through. Slide your star down and repeat till you finish all your stars. Space them out how you see fit.

You can go as big or as small as you like with this DIY. You can even try a smaller star punch if you are doing a mini photo booth for a party or event. Take a look at how some of the photos turned out using this backdrop:

 The TNT Team would love to see what DIY’s you have come up with so feel free to tag me in your own creations!

How will you make this DIY your own? Tell me in the comments below! Have fun creating!

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