DIY: ReVamped Heels @Miss_Lindo @AmongThorns13

DIY: ReVamped Heels @Miss_Lindo @AmongThorns13

Hey everyone! So it’s October now and you know what that means….Halloween! Time to start getting those costume ideas narrowed down and pick what parties you are going to attend. I’m so excited to share all my DIY’s with you, because this is my favorite time of year! Today, I’m going to show you how to change  those plain heels into something more fitting for the season. If you don’t celebrate Halloween that’s ok, you can still have fun with putting your own spin on the heels by changing colors and fabrics. Lets get started!




Fabric Mod Podge

Foam Brushes

Fabric (any color)

Black Sharpie Paint Pen

Red Sharpie Paint Pen (not pictured)

White Craft Paint (optional)

Black Craft Paint (optional)

Dry Erase Marker (optional)


Craft Knife (not pictured)

Gloss Mod Podge

Glitter (not Pictured)

Ribbon (optional)

E6000® (optional)


I listed some the supplies as optional because it depends on if you want to draw a design on the front. So first thing is to make sure the shoes are clean. Mine were a vinyl finish so they were easy to wipe down. Now the first 3 steps are for drawing vampire fangs or any design of your choice on the front. If that’s not your thing, then skip this part.

1. Use the dry erase marker to plan out where you want your front design. You can draw pretty much anything then wipe it off if you make a mistake. Now if your heels are more of a fabric finish, then you can use a sewing pencil or pen, the ink disappears over night.

2. Draw on your design.

3. Use the craft paint to color in. Let dry before moving on.

4. While waiting for the paint to dry cut out your fabric.


1. Once you cut out your fabric, clean up the edges the best you can with your scissors. Little threads are a pain to deal with later.

2. Once the paint on the front is dry, it’s time to start adding your fabric. On the back side of the fabric layer a good amount of the Fabric Mod Podge with the foam brush.

3. Place on your shoes and smooth out as best as you can. Its ok if some of the Mod Podge seeps out the side just use the brush even it out on the rest of the shoe.

4. Repeat till your shoes are all covered. Let dry.


You can cover the heel and bottom with fabric and paint, but I thought glitter would be a nice touch. To get your glitter to stay and not rub off right away, mix 1 part Gloss Mod Podge with 2 parts glitter. Mix and apply. Let dry. steps4

1. Now that everything is dry time to add the finishing touches. Use the paint pens to outline your front design and add details. Let dry.

2. After the paint drys, apply a layer of Fabric Mod Podge over the shoe except where you applied the glitter. Let Dry.

3. Last 2 steps are also optional. Use ribbon to hide some of the uneven edges. Apply E-6000 and carefully lay the ribbon then let it dry.

4. To hide the ends on the ribbon embellish with a bow.


Now you have one of a kind heels that will turn heads. Why stop at one? Make a pair for every holiday and occasion. The TNT Tauna Team would love to see what you have come up with so fill free to tag me.

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Have fun creating!


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