DIY: Punk Princess Upcycled Heels by @MissLindo

DIY: Punk Princess Upcycled Heels by @MissLindo

Craving new shoes, but don’t have the budget for some? Don’t worry, with this DIY you can turn something old into a new favorite. Here is what you’ll need:



Craft Tweezers
Rhinestones & Embellishments
Small Scissors (optional)


This DIY all depends on your own heels that you’re using. Wipe them clean and check for scuff, scrapes, ect. Seeing what might need repair or covered up will help you figure out your design. For these heels I used a small scissor to remove the front bow. With a toothpick I placed E6000 at the stitching cross sections. With my tweezers I placed a rhinestone on the glue.

IMG_8607When I was done covering all the spots I wanted, I needed to cover up the spot where the bow used to be. After debating on what I wanted on the front,  I found these skulls that matched perfectly. Using E6000, I secured it to the front covering up anything left behind by the bow. Let your heels dry overnight then wear them out.

Take a look at your shoes, see what you can do to them to make them feel brand new. Paint them, bling them out with glitter and rhinestones, or even look at old jewelry to see what you can take apart for embellishments.

The TNT Team would love to see what DIY’s you have come up with so feel free to tag me in your own creations!

Want to see more DIYs like this one? Tell me in the comments below! Have fun creating!

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