DIY: Paper Roses by @Miss_Lindo

DIY: Paper Roses by @Miss_Lindo

Are you or someone you know getting married this wedding season? Not a fan of traditional wedding bouquets? With this DIY you can make roses for your whole wedding party on a dollar tree budget while creating a cool keepsake. Here’s what you’ll need:


Time: 1 Hour (Depending on the size of your bouquet)

Skill Level: Beginner


Old Book

16 Gauge Wire

Hot Glue Gun

5/8 inch Ribbon



For this DIY you can use an old book or a cheep book from the dollar store. To get more petals out of each page I suggest folding the page in half to make an edge for the base of the petal. You want to make about 4-5 different sized petals for your rose. I free-handed my petals, but you can easily find templates through Google. Cut out your petals with your scissors. You will want about 5-6 petals cut from each size you draw out. Also cut a piece of your wire 18 inches long.

Take each petal and fold in half long ways, unfold and roll the top part of your petals back. This will help the book paper not be so stiff when building your rose. Glue the smallest petal to your wire tightly wrapping it around the wire to make your rose center.

Now it’s time to glue each petal to your wire. I suggest lining up your petals from smallest to largest. Pinch the bottom of your petal and add a little glue, but be careful it’s hot, and attach to your wire. You will be building up with each petal as you go.

Once all your petals are attached cut a piece of ribbon about 6 inches long and triangle the edges to keep from fraying. Glue to the base of your rose to hide all the paper edges.

Repeat these steps for however many roses you wish to make. Change the sizes of the petals to make different size roses.

The TNT Team would love to see what DIY’s you have come up with so feel free to tag me in your own creations!

How will you make this DIY your own? Tell me in the comments below! Have fun creating!

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