DIY: Framed Earring & Necklace Holder @Miss_Lindo @AmongThorns13

DIY: Framed Earring & Necklace Holder @Miss_Lindo @AmongThorns13

Hello again TNT friends! Hope the first few weeks of back to school have gone well for you. Do you love accessorizing your daily outfits with a necklace? Do you have a problem with finding a matching pair of earrings because you threw them in a jewelry box? Well I have another DIY to help you out with your morning routine. You’ve probably seen this DIY or something like it on other blogs and/or Pinterest. Mine is just combining an earring and necklace holder together for maximum space saving. So let’s get started!


Supplies: Picture frame, Spray Paint or craft paint, Plastic Canvas (any color), Low Temp Hot Glue Gun1/2 inch C-HooksStapler, Sand paper (optional)


First step is to pick a frame that you want to use. Thrift shops and discount stores are the best for that. You don’t want to spend too much money on it since you are going to be taking out the glass and backing. Also don’t worry about the color because you can easily change that with paint. You might need to do some light sanding so the new paint stays on. After you prep your frame and paint it, let it dry for about an hour. Use your discretion though. If you need another coat then apply and let dry.


Measure your frame for the placement of the C-hooks. Depending on the size of your frame your placement might be different than mine. I measured every 4 inches for the sides and every 2 inches for the bottom. Make a mark and then screw in the hooks.


Now with all the hooks in place like in the picture above; time to glue down the plastic canvas. I glued it down using a low temp hot glue gun. First I glued along the top of the frame then reinforced it with staples. This way the plastic canvas can be used like a flap for easy access to the backs of your earrings. If you are using the earring holder just for your dangly earrings with no backs, you can go ahead and glue down the rest of the plastic canvas, it’s up to you.


All that’s left is to organize and hang your jewelry on your new holder! Now keep in mind the weight you are adding with the jewelry when you hang the frame to your wall. Command Strips are great for damage free hanging, they come in many different sized packs with suggested weight listed right on the package. I hope you enjoy your new jewelry holder!

Have fun creating!

Lindo <3

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