DIY: Felt Flower and Pinwheel Headbands by @Miss_Lindo @AmongThorns13

DIY: Felt Flower and Pinwheel Headbands by @Miss_Lindo @AmongThorns13

Hi TNT readers! I’m going to show you how to make these simple felt flower and pinwheel headbands I made to go with the theme for Dynamite Editorials Kid’s at Play photo shoot.

Here’s what you’ll need:


Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 2 hours



Assorted Ribbon



Low Temp Glue Gun



You can do these in a variety of colored and patterned ribbions.

For your headband glue your ribbon at one end and wrap around your headband till you cover the whole band. Glue the end and cut off the excess.

Felt Flower

Draw a small petal shape on a lighter colored felt, this will be used for the inside of the flower. Cut a total of five petals out all the same size. Place a petal on top of a darker color which will be your outside color. Trace around your first petal to make the outside petal slightly bigger. Now cut out a total of 5 of the bigger petals. Glue the smaller petal on top of your larger petal for all 5 that you’ve cut out.

Pinch the base of the petal and place a small drop of glue sandwiched in between the felt. Glue all 5 finished petals together side-by-side in a circle shape to form a flower. Cut a small circle a little bigger than your rhinestone and glue in the center of your flower. Glue the rhinestone on the circle. Lastly, glue it on to your headband in the desired position.


Cut a 2½ inch square out of your felt. Fold the square in half diagonally and cut the fold halfway to the center on both sides and repeat cuts after you fold in half again diagonally on the other side.

You should have 4 slits all together while still connected in the middle. Place a small drop of glue in the center of your square. Take the corner of your felt and fold to the center. Repeat 3 more times but only on every other corner. Glue a rhinestone on top of all the corners in the center and glue it on to your head band.

Here’s how we used them both in the photo shoot on our lovely model, Kaylee Gage!

Editorial Credits:

Photos by: Robert Strafeldas

Models: Kaylee Gage & Cameron Gage, Cash Atkins

Makeup & Hair: Joshua Molina Aligo, Tina Maria Del Pozo, Jason Atkins

Wardrobe Stylist: TNT Tauna

Assistant Stylist: Jasmin Garcia

The TNT Team would love to see what DIY’s you have come up with so feel free to tag me in your own creations!

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Have fun creating!


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