>Cemetery with Dark Muse

>Here’s a morbid set I did with Irish Eyes Creations aka Dark Muse at a Cemetery by my house. As soon as I saw what he was able to create from these images I fell in love. Irish Eyes Creations specializes in Gothic Art & Design and he gave me the chance to explore my dark side here. Be sure to visit his website:

I hope you enjoy the art!

TNT Tauna

1. 1TW

2. 2TW

3. 4TW

4. 5TW

5. 3TW

6. 6TW

7. 8TW

8. 7TW

9. 9TW

10. 10TW

11. 13TW

12. 15TW

13. 11TW

14. 14TW

15. 12TW

16. 16TW

17. 19TW

18. 18TW

19. 17TW

20. 21TW

21. 20TW

22. 24TW

23. 23TW

24. 22TW
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