Celebrity Styling: Kate Kelton @katekelton @tnt_tauna

Celebrity Styling: Kate Kelton @katekelton @tnt_tauna

Celebrity Styling: Kate Kelton

Actress and artist Kate Kelton is a woman of many talents. With her busy schedule acting on shows like IFC’s Bullet in the Face and SyFy’s Haven, she still finds time to model on occasion. The first time I met Kate was on set for a photo shoot with fashion photographer Efren Beltran. I was there to style Kate for personal press photos that ended up being published by the Stylist Handbook. For Kate, modeling and acting go hand in hand.

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“I think I lump acting and modeling together because there are more physical, emotive, and collaborative overlaps, because the art side tends to be more isolated by comparison. I started modeling because I was styling wardrobe after film school, and the model called in sick so the magazine’s editor said, ‘You’re pretty, jump in.’ Which led me to take those tears to agencies asking if I could actually do this, signing with one, and immediately booking a lot of music videos and commercials that gave me a chance to explore movement on film in prep for the film and television that came next.”

Kate has an infectious electric energy and upon our first meeting, I could feel an instant connection like we had been friends all along. Working with Kate was such a delight that I invited her to attend a few of Dynamite Editorials‘ photo shoots where I, again, had a blast styling her with my team. I love what she had to say when I asked her about how she would describe her personal style.

“Black. When I wear black I feel like it’s a jumping off point for my personality because the absence of all colour creates the perfect void for me to BE the colour. It’s a staging area waiting to launch me in whatever direction I want. It leads the eye to me, to my face, to my hands, to my expressions. It can come in any shape or form, varying wildly from the sultry slinkiness of a statement gown, to the comfortable staple of a lululemon pant. It can be used as a base, accessorized to kingdom come, or left to stand alone without hesitation. It kills on carpets and hiking trails alike, so when I’m at a loss? It’s black.”

You might remember Kate as the world’s first non-blond “Tic Tac Girl” or from the cult-classic, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. Her career has and continues to take her to new places as she becomes a rising star. Check out some of the magic we were able to create together from our photo shoots.

Take a look at some of the behind the scenes footage of Kate from our last Dynamite Editorials photo shoot.

Dynamite Editorials – San Juan Capistrano


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