Celebrity Styling: Cynthia Kirchner by @doughaley

Celebrity Styling: Cynthia Kirchner by @doughaley
Celebrity Styling with Cynthia Kirchner
Written by Doug Haley

The Academy Awards are very serious for celebs…and so are the parties. The Night of 100 Stars party at the Beverly Hills Hotel is one of the best parties we have for Oscar night. When my friend Cynthia Kirchner first approached me about hiring a stylist for a major red carpet less than a week away I felt incredibly nervous about finding the right talent to match and deliver what she needed. The job was bigger than I felt comfortable handling on my own; Couture on a deadline is suicide! With almost every fashion house in LA under contract for the Oscar weekend, this was a huge challenge. Selecting a couture gown and jewelry for a major event in just one afternoon?! I am very fortunate that the Stylist Handbook community came through and stylist, TNT Tauna could help… If everything failed I didn’t want to assume all of the blame!

We had four hours to schedule showroom appointments with strictly couture fashion houses, anything less would be unacceptable (understandably… as this IS the most glamorous event of the year). Its go BIG…or just don’t go! Luckily all Tauna had to do was reschedule a previous appointment she had with a showroom that was suggested by celebrity stylist extraordinaire, Colin Megaro, for another actress that cancelled at the last minute.  Not only was approval needed from each designer and each designer PR rep to release the gowns, we had to make sure that the designer was not under contract with any other celebrity OR stylist for this year. We needed all the luck we could get thank god for the community!

Cynthia wanted “Hollywood Glam” – Black or RedElegance, Detail, and Couture. Our first stop was the showroom Pistol and Stamen – which houses exclusive couture gowns. We fell in love with a gown by Terani Couture, for it managed to be both current and incredibly romantic. Due to the fact that it was black with layers of nude and sheer fabric, we tested it under loads of camera flashes. I ALWAYS suggest that when you are going on a big red carpet where the dress is going to be photographed heavily, testing it out under flash bulbs to see how it photographs is a MUST. In person a dress can look completely different than it looks in photos, especially when layers and textures are involved. Once we saw how it photographed, we were all sold. We also tried an elegant red number similar to the gown Rihanna wore to this years Grammy Awards.


Onto jewelry! I set up a meeting with Moshe K and Natalie K Diamonds because I knew they provided such an amazing range of artistic diamond pieces that we would find whatever we needed. One stop jewelry shopping is a luxury and I was fortunate enough to know a diamond design firm that had such a wide range of collections. I was most grateful that our team and Cynthia all fell in love with the same dress because few things are as confusing as shopping for jewelry if you’re unsure of what you’re wearing!


When we arrived we were greeted by Vicky, the wife and Lady Extraordinaire of Moshe K Diamonds (and the Mum to Natalie K). I had initially called Vicky and her team as we drove from our dress fitting to their offices to describe the dress, so that they could start pulling. Once we arrived, trays and trays of diamond jewelry were presented that were seen as appropriate based off the specs I had given her.


We browsed through earrings, bracelets and rings with black diamonds and rose golds to compliment both the dress and Cynthia’s beautiful complexion. We immediately nixed the idea of a necklace due to the structure and heavy layering of the dress itself. Deciding on earrings and rings would be the best bet so that we didn’t allow the design to overpower the woman who would be wearing it.


The ring we pick was spectacular ring and seems to incorporate the same interwoven idea of the dress in black and nude from a piece of jewelry. Flawless! I said the ring was non-negotiable and I’m happy everyone agreed. When a bangle and whimsical earrings were added, we had a complete look! The fluidity of the gown and jewelry was a match made in heaven. Cynthia literally looked like a dark princess.

For more information on the featured designers please visit their websites: www.teranicouture.com
and www.nataliek.com!



Doug Haley


Thanks so much Doug! I had a blast hanging out with you and Cynthia that day and I’m so happy that everything worked out. She looked stunning!

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