Bright Accessories To Get Over the Winter Blues by @AmberWStyle

Bright Accessories To Get Over the Winter Blues by @AmberWStyle

This time of year can be a definite downer.  With seasonal depression and freezing temperatures, it seems everyone has the winter blues. Why not liven it up with some fun and color!  A small pop of color can add that special something to your look, and put life back into your wardrobe. I personally picked out some of my favorite pieces that are full of instant sunshine:

Wear clothes that make you happy!

Bright Accessories
  1.  Ted Baker Temmey Wallet, Bright Pink – A wallet or phone case is the perfect way to add color in stealth mode. So every time you reach into your purse you get that color surprise.
  2. Juicy Couture Jellybean Skinny Bracelet – This buckle bangle can go great with your everyday work look. Versatile and classy it’s hard to go wrong with a staple like this.
  3. Kate Spade “Tiny Metro” Yellow Watch – If you haven’t noticed I love Kate Spade! Almost everything she makes is in fun bright colors. So how can I not include this sunshine yellow watch?!
  4. Orange Leather Gold Plated Stainless Horses Bit Wrap Bracelet – Orange can be a tough one, so sometimes it’s best in small doses. Orange you in love with this wrap bracelet?!
  5. Lime Green Cabochon and Crystal Button Hematite Earrings – Want to go for something a little bolder? Try these lime hematite earrings. Just the right amount of color against that LBD.
  6. Jessica Simpson Women’s Salvati Platform Sandal – You might have to actually be in a warm place to wear this (like LA), or maybe Spring Break in Cabo is calling your name. Plenty to celebrate either way.
  7. Heart Shaped Sunglasses (Blue) – For days when the sun does peak through those snow clouds you better be prepared. Spread love wherever you go in these heart shaped shades. In this case it’s okay to be blue.


Hold in there! We are almost in Spring mode, those daffodils and peep toe shoes are just starting to pop up.


Amber @AmberWStyle

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