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Have you ever wondered what made “Super Woman” super? Her possession of power is an automatic given, but it exceeds far beyond that. She’s super because she’s representative of every woman who stands her ground and is able to balance multiple talents. One of those women being production stylist and writer, TNT Tauna. Through hard work and persistence, this dynamite player is on an unstoppable mission as she and her husband, Dewayne, become a relevant force in advertising.

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Photo by: Deb Brooksheir

With dreams of one day growing up to be a model, it was during Tauna’s childhood years that an interest in the fashion industry was sparked. Through many modeling opportunities, she found herself styling many of her own photo shoots, thus, styling became a natural progression in her career. She uses her blog as an outlet to show her creative work as well as highlight the people she works with.

While in school earning her degree in Fashion Merchandising, Tauna began an educational production company called Dynamite Editorials which specialized in editorial photography for portfolio use, promotion, & publication. Tauna coordinated group photo shoots where multiple photo teams captured stylized editorial images that she submitted along with a written story and video to magazines in an effort to get emerging artists published. They have styled and photographed emerging talent from the likes of actresses Lexi Ainsworth (General Hospital, Cougar Town) and Kate Kelton (Haven, Bullet in the Face) to musician Gabrielle Wortman (TEMP3ST) and many more. As a result, their work has been published in over 30 magazines.

Since graduation, Tauna has partnered with her husband Dewayne to offer full production styling services through their company Dynamite Productions. This dynamite duo takes care of everything for photoshoots and film, be it wardrobe, props, interior decor, set design, product or food styling.

Photo by: Strapped Photography

With a name like TNT Tauna and a production company called Dynamite Productions, it seems as though creativity is no stranger to this multiple role playing phenomenon. When it comes to the origins of her branding she explains, “That story is a little funny I guess. I used to rep for an energy drink company and we were looking for innovative ways to market the product. It wasn’t sold in stores, just online so I had partnered up with a roller derby team to have a booth at their bouts and create mixed drinks. All the girls had these cool stage names like Kat Attack or Ballistic Betty. I started hanging around one of the girls on the team named Tina and all the time it would be like, ‘Oh, Tauna & Tina = TNT’, so I kind of just adopted the name like, that’s right, I’m dynamite!”


Photo by: NV Photo

Indeed she is dynamite. As she manages to perform a combination of duties in her various roles, TNT Tauna finds the reward and a sense of accomplishment in the final product whether it’s a photo or video.

The truth is, when you’re passionate about something, it shows so stick around to check out TNT Tauna’s Styling Portfolio and Published Work!



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