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I’m a production stylist and writer specializing in fashion. Together with my husband, we have created a dynamite production styling team that offers full styling services that encompass three visual elements of a production set: wardrobe, props, and interiors. My team and I have been published in over 25 magazines and we have developed an eye for the overall image as well as creating captivating editorial spreads. We can help you bring your vision to life by paying attention to the little details so you don’t have to. Whether it’s a commercial project, lifestyle or editorial, we’ve got you covered!

Dewayne & Tauna Carson

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Introducing Production Stylist Dewayne Carson

Introducing Production Stylist Dewayne Carson

Hi there I’m Dewayne, husband to TNT Tauna, here to add to the TNT team by sharing our adventures in production styling. For photoshoots and film, I handle props, sets and food styling for commercial, lifestyle, and editorial projects. In the past, I’ve done the catering for some of the photoshoots Tauna produces for Dynamite Editorials...

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